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Most online bingo site will include side games and slots in addition to the bingo. These games are cleverly designed to be played in a smaller window so a player can play bingo and still be involved with the chat whilst playing their side game of choice. Sites differentiate greatly in the slots they offer based generally on the overall theme of the site providing them.

Of course one of the most important aspects for a bingo site is attaining the customers in the first place. In recent times there has been massive escalation in the signup promotions a site is willing to give its customers.

Some UK bingo sites offer free bingo money just for signing up to their site – no deposit required. This isn’t the same as “free bingo” where you can play free bingo for real cash, the free bingo money here is what you get when you sign up for the first time. This can vary from £1 to extremely generous amounts in excess of £20 and beyond which can be used to play bingo. Some sites focus on a high first deposit bonus whilst others use free bingo money as the sign up offer. Free bingo money is a great way to trial a site to see if you like it before placing a deposit.

All UK bingo sites now offer a first deposit bonus – all this means is that when you make your first deposit they will add to it depending on how much you deposited. So if the deposit bonus is 100% and you put in £10, you’ll be given another £10 free bingo cash – you’ll find £20 waiting for you in your account. Many UK bingo sites also offer future deposit bonuses to improve customer retention and these work in much the same way.

Over the last few years some sites have started to offer “free bingo”. This has become extremely popular as it gives a player the opportunity to play bingo games and win real money for free. There is no limit so a player can play as much as they like. The jackpots are obviously comparatively smaller than normal games.

Another key aspect to a player is the social aspect related to a bingo site. All games have a chat window attached to it so you can talk with your other “roomies”. This is usually run by a chat monitor who will lead a number of “chat games” where players compete to win more bonus money. Chat rooms and chat hosts have become an integral part of a successful online bingo site and will continue to be pivotal in future years. One interesting recent addition is having a live bingo caller on a video uplink. This caller will generate the numbers for the bingo game whilst providing all the fun and games that a chat moderator would have provided.

A modern bingo site has evolved so quickly from what it was a few years ago, and with the industry and technology progressing so rapidly the sector will most probably be unrecognisable in a few years from now.

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