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Online bingo is a craze, it’s all over the internet, if you do a search for online bingo, and you’ll get well over 2 billion sites just dedicated to online bingo. That’s a whole heck of a lot of sites! If you’ve ever played bingo before you know just how fun it is. If you haven’t played it yet, you need to go and try out online bingo.

Don’t waste your time going out and playing bingo, one thing you have to get dressed up, and put on your shoes, and it’s only offered one day a week if even that in most towns. You have to wait in line to get inside, then sit around people you don’t know, which is ok, but some people have problems meeting new people and will feel out of their comfort zone. Plus you never know if someone you sit by is going to have bad odor. So what do you do in that case, you go and play online bingo. It’s a game you don’t have to get dressed up for, or put your shoes on, and it’s offered all the time! Not only that but you don’t have to worry if your shy in person about meeting new people, these people can’t see you so it’s all ok. Also if someone is suffering from body odor, guess what, your not going to have to smell it!

Online bingo is the answer to all the problems that a regular game offers. Sit in your shorts and just kick back, enjoying the ambiance of your own house. And you just might hit the online bingo jackpot, yeah!

Now there are 90 and 75 ball games offered on all sites. There are different online bingo games to play, you can play for free, or you can put a small deposit down on your account. The biggest difference between the two is those jackpots you can hit for. Online bingo free games offer small jackpots around $ 5 or so, while those games you put money on account for can give you large jackpots $ 500 and up.

So get your shorts on, the one’s that are comfortable, yeah the one’s with all the holes in, and put your favorite shirt on that stained one that you can’t wear out anymore. Sit down on your computer and bring up that online bingo site, and sit back marking numbers until you hit that jackpot!

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