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Usually copywriting services are priced right. In my experience most copy jobs are priced right. Likewise, I believe copywriting should net the writer a sizable profit because the result to the user or client is revenue generation. So, it should pay exceptionally well.

By the same token it should do its job and make the user new profits and create value. I should also build new clientele. Copywriting that costs money should yield money. However, an occasional savings on copywriting jobs can benefit both the writer and the user.

Save money on copy jobs by:

Recruit students. Students are often new to the game. As a result, they may help you out at a reduced rate. Usually students recognize the value of hard and thorough work so they will do a good job. You could track down some talent locally at colleges or university’s and across the globe through the web. Respect their time and personality and you may end up with great copy.

Start copy projects. Your copywriter may give you a discount if you start the job. This puts their work at half-mast. Write a really good or nearly good copy piece and submit it for consideration. If your copy person has to do less work because you have developed the foundation you may get billed a lower rate. This is also known as developmental editing.

Refer business. If you know other individuals or business owners who rely on copy services, refer them. I am sure your copy consultant would appreciate the referral. Word of mouth (WOM) is a priceless way to get business. Help others get business and you can reap benefits. Your ability and willingness to provide your copywriter with this is sure to yield some rewards.

As time goes on WOM marketing is becoming a key marketing tactic. Use this to save money on your own marketing expenses.

The more you maximize your marketing budget the more you improve your resources. Don’t hesitate to save money when the opportunity is available.

Leigh Goodwin, MBA
Writing & Publishing Consultant

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